Myles Avery is a Music Producer & Independent Artist

Music Producer

Myles Avery is a Brooklyn-based producer, writer, and engineer. This year, his work can be heard on the Spotify Viral 50 chart, and stretches from sync compositions for publishers such as Heavy Duty Projects to atmospheric, electronic indie-pop. Avery has worked with several notable artists including indie-darlings Overcoats, Stevie Wolf, Valley, and FLORIO.

Though his work spans international art installations to pop productions, Avery's work is consistent, characterized by lush soundscapes on compositions so intentional they border on obsessive. It's this depth and focus that allows Avery to craft each Artists' individual sound, breathing life into their next breakout hit.

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Independent Artist

In 2017, Myles Avery landed a weekly residency on Stewart Avenue Radio, and released “Wind Chimes”, a standout on their debut release as a label. With the upcoming release of his debut EP Weaving, Myles Avery is out to push the boundaries of atmospheric electronic music with soundscapes that envelope as much as they enmesh. His looping and hypnotic rhythms move listeners on a journey that’s as welcome at 11PM as it is at 4AM. After the debut of the EP, Weaving, on WhenWeDip, watch the video for the lead single, above.

The recipient of multiple commissions, Avery most recently composed and sound designed Transmission - a distributed, augmented-reality performance & installation at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017. In 2016, Avery collaborated with The People Movers on their short film Unraveling and cl!ck - an interactive performance installation.